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Major Armstrong originally trained in the art of the sword like his sister, but quickly found he had no talent for it at all. Still wanting to live up to his families name he began to train in a whole new subject, Alchemy

Submitted by shaalsnark

Mrs Bradley had a crush on Gruman in her youth

Submitted by: shaalsnark

When he got bored Envy would transform into very attractive men or women, convince some stranger they were soul mates, then at the end of the night he would transform back into his original form, insult the person, and calmly walk away with the satisfaction of breaking another heart

Submitted by: shaalsnark

Selim and Elysia become the best of friends and play tricks on Uncle Ed all the time.

Eventually Roy approaches Izumi, asking her a favor on behalf of the military. Agreeing to the favor she opens her school to the public and in a much larger building. Becoming head mistress of the academy of alchemy she makes sure to do a course on the dangers of human transmutation and other dangers. Roy as the ruler of Amestris, funds it with the people’s taxes and make it the first public school to teach alchemy and alkahestry. Sheska works as a teacher and so does Mei, Fuery and Ms. Hughes

Submitted by: sloththeidolent

Roy was adopted from Xing but he doesn’t know this, and Madame Christmas didn’t feel the need to tell him.

Submitted by: lanfanforever

Miles and Oliver are in a relationship. They arent romantic at all, though.

Submitted by: nenotsuma

Ed figured out that he was in love with Winry during an argument. He realized that the only reason they were arguing was because they were worried about the other.

Submitted by angry-protagonist

Ed and Winry never expected a child for Winry shouldn’t have been able to conceive.

Greed is bisexual, but pretends to be the most heterosexual man to have ever lived because he was getting worried about how many times he was getting killed by ignorant twits.