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Lan Fan still has the cloth scrap that had Ling’s message on it while she was recovering.

Ling will have only one son.

Submitted by tomoekun777

Alphonse will become Selim’s alchemy teacher.

Submitted by tomoekun777

After Greed’s death, Ling would sometimes talk to himself as if Greed was still with him. He’d often stop himself mid-sentence, remembering that Greed was no longer there.

When Roy is alone he refers to himself at “The Stang”.

Submitted by tsundere-spice


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If Alfons hadn’t been killed, he would have been among the German scientists brought to the United States to work on the Manhattan Project.

Out of all the styles and hygiene basics, Roy likes to brush his hair; but he likes it even more when his hair is brushed for him

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