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When Envy caught sight of Hughes’ photo that fell from his pocket whilst in the phone booth before his murder, he was originally going to change himself into Elysia instead of Gracia. He then realized if he took the form of a small child, he might shoot the Lieutenant Colonel in a non-fatal place due to how short he would become and result in Hughes surviving the attack.

Submitted by reireimustang

Hohenheim of Light’s current body was Slave 23’s.

Submitted by steffieglydefan

thehylianbatman: Wow, I thought that headcanon would never be posted! I thought Tumblr ate it or something... thank you!

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Riza will sometimes tease Roy by walking into his office without her top on. She’ll never forget when Ed and Al were having a conference with him.
Submitted by thehylianbatman

Hayate’s mate was originally Roy’s military issued seeing eye dog, but he didn’t have the heart to give her back once his eyesight was restored.

General Armstong has a thing for red eyes

Unlike Greed, Envy didn’t want material goods or worldy treasures to make himself happy. Instead, he sought to make it impossible for others to have them and to make poeple miserable, so that he might not be jealous of them anymore.

Roy mustang lost his biological parents in a house fire.

The reason Greed never recognized the new humunculus, is because he killed the previous ones out of anger when father ordered them to kill his friends because he was getting too attached. He then left the seven deadly sins because he no longer trusted them for taking his “possessions”

Submitted by 7deadsins

Once Al had a place of he own, he got many cats.
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