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Gracia Hughes worked as a volunteer nurse in Amestris, taking care of soldiers who were in bad enough shape to be sent home from Ishval.

Submitted by wugglesfindsj-roll

Although Ling was glad to become emperor he eventually steps down from the throne so he can be with Lan Fan.

Edward never actually cared about getting his real arm and leg back after he got automail, but he kept telling people that he wanted them back because he didn’t want Alphonse to feel like a burden as they tried to get his body back.

Edward has never cut his hair. After performing human transmutation, he wanted to cut it so that he could “let go” of what he did in a way, but he became upset whenever he attempted to and ended up not following through with each attempt.

Even after Ed got Alphonse from the door and regained his human form, Alphonse had problems remembering to eat and drink.

Riza Hawkeye became like an older sister to Winry after the Promised Day.

Submitted by trip-and-the-attack-of-fandoms

Alphonse loves Mei’s cooking

Submitted by fluffystuffandbreath

Yukiko Amagi (Persona 4) is the offspring of Roy Mustang.

Lust knew of Envy’s history as Hohenheim and Dante’s son. When the two discovered that Hohenheim had had two more children, Envy showed her the form he’d died in - that of a prepubescent child. It was the first and only time Lust saw Envy cry, and she’s felt like his older sister ever since.

Submitted by evilkitten3

After Al got his body back, Edward was a little upset when he asked to have his hair cut short again. He thought that Al’s long hair made them look more like brothers, but after seeing the old Al again, hair short, dressed tidily, smiling at him, Edward didn’t mind one bit.

Submitted by: whitehairkun