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Jerso and Zampano regain their original bodies with Alphonse’s help.

Submitted by tomoekun777

When Alphonse learns Xing’s Alkahestry, he mixes it with alchemy of Amestris, making him one of the strongest alchemist in the world. 

Submitted by tomoekun777

Roy is painfully aware that you only make the mistake of masturbating with Flame Alchemy gloves on once

Ed and Winry have 4 children and only one of them has an interest in automail. One other has the smarts for alchemy, but it doesn’t interest them in the slightest, so they never study it.

The photo in of Ling in the ending scene is old. The reason it’s still up? Ling married Lan Fan before Ed married Winry and the Xingese duo even had kids before them. Ed refuses to change it because of his pride. Winry calls him stubborn

One day, Winry asks Ed to braid her hair like he used to braid his.
Submitted by lamborghinisandlederhosen
Doctor Knox was the coroner who had to examine Hughes’s body.

Due to being stuck in the armor for most of his teen life, Al’s voice drastically changes one day soon after he regains his body. Ed and the others all laugh at him for it.

As part of an old Drachman tradition, men will kill a wild animal and present it to the woman they are trying to woo, along with a love note. This is to display his power and hunting ability, which is considered important due to the harsh environment

Maes was beside himself with fury when he heard what Shou Tucker had done to his own wife and young daughter. To him there was nothing more unforgivable than harming your own family. When he and Roy were alone discussing it he even went as far to say that he would make Tucker pay the first chance he got, and the look in Maes’ eyes frightened Roy a bit.

Submitted by beifong234