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Roy still plays with Fuery’s techy stuff as a pastime and no one can stop him. Not even Riza.

Kimblee was teased as a young child, so he decided to learn alchemy as a way to get back at his bullies.

Submitted by tetisheri1234819

Ed calls Roy “Sparky” from time to time to get back at his short jokes

Submitted by blueshadowdinosaur

Growing up, Roy was particularly close to one of his sisters: a liberal and politically engaged girl who acted as a proxy for Madame Christmas.

When he returned from the war, he was deeply wounded to discover that she had left Christmas’s employ because she couldn’t bear to see the monster that was once the boy she so loved.

Submitted by writermebh

In Brotherhood, Rosé is bisexual. She had a crush on both Ed and Winry. However, even after Ed and Winry’s wedding, Rosé and Winry were still good friends

Roy secretly liked it when Maes would show him pictures of Elysia, because he liked the idea of being a father one day and he liked how happy it made Hughes.

Riza can do Alchemy. She just doesn’t like to because it drove her and her father apart.

Submitted by liv-andletdie

Al became a state alchemist and Ed remained a state alchemist too. They still worked for Mustang.

Lan Fan doesn’t deny that Greed’s voice was a huge turn on while Greed was occupying Ying’s body.

All of Mustang’s men all transferred to Central to work with him again.